Go Hugo project

Please read the follow guides:

How to run this project

This project are using GoHugo, so you need to install in your computer before to clone this project.

The main repository is here: iOSDevelopersMX Blog. You can clone this and then run ´start.sh´ for download the submodules.

This project have 3 important parts:

  • GoHugo project: This is the repository that you have to clone. It contains the Go Hugo project and the references to the other repositories.
  • blog: This repo contains the static site hosted in iosdevelopers.github.io/blog
  • theme: Contains the Hugo theme for generate the static site.

When you run start.sh, you will download the other repositories for run the hugo server in your computer. This script is only for the first time. For more reference check the Hugo documentation.

Then for run the hugo server you will have to run:

hugo serve

How to contribute

  1. Fork the hugo project repository.
  2. Add your blog post in content/posts/ as markdown file and your images in static/, check the next guide.
  3. Test, commit and push your changes in your fork repository and open a PR.
  4. If we approved your PR, we’ll update the blog site with your contribution.

How to add content

  • Run the follow hugo command for create a markdown file for write your content:

    hugo new post/your_post_name.md

You can check the file content/post/markdown_example.md for see how to use the markdown syntax in this project.

  • Add your assets in static
  • Test your changes in local

    hugo server